If you would like to purchase an individual hour, you can get it here at our hourly rate of $150 per hour.

Our Pricing

$ 0


Save 5%
Perfect for last minute help for USMLE, COMLEX, or shelf exams.
$ 0


Save 15%
This is the best option for anyone who aims for a high score or has any previous failures. Perfect for those who want a 35+ point increase in their scores for USMLE or 150+ point increase in their scores for COMLEX.
$ 0


Save 10%
Perfect for students who want a 15+ point increase in their scores for USMLE or those that want a 70+ point increase in their scores for COMLEX.

Why our Prices?

We break down our pricing & tutoring packages into 3 separate packages to be able to accommodate students with different needs as well as different budgets.

The 10 hour package is perfect whether you want to get a rough idea of how our tutoring works before committing to more hours or if you just need some last minute prep.

Our 20 hour package is right smack in the middle for those students who need moderate amount of instructions.

Whereas the 40 hour package is a much more intensive tutoring package for those that feel they need all the help they can get.

Also keep in mind the more hours or larger package you buy, the more you save on how much you pay per hour.


Students We Have Worked With From Some Of The Following Schools